What an amazing trip this was! Perhaps the best group I’ve ever traveled with. Big thanks to Ken MacIver for all his help. I want to thank each and every one of you traveled with me, when the focus is fun and everyone looks out for each other it makes the trip special. Everyone looked […]

It is always great when you can start your touring day with a great breakfast and our Ibis Red didn’t let us down. The Viennese make a great cup of coffee to boot. So with batteries charged we set off, with money changing first on our list. Once everyone had changed over the last of […]

Our final destination would be a great finish to our trip. It took just over 3 hours to reach the city from Budapest and the separation of East (Former Soviet Block countries) to West was everywhere. Highways were developed and everything was green. Once in the city you could see a flourishing economic environment, streets […]

As we approached Budapest the students were full of curiosity & excitement. Because I have never been to Budapest I had to tell them to wait and see. We arrived just in time for dinner. Our walk to the restaurant wasn’t long but it gave the student an interesting exposure to a country still struggling […]

We set off from Krakow with what looked like a long haul to Budapest, while it was long we found another gem like Dresden. Our travelers also gained a clear understanding of how the EU has effected safety on European roads. Buses & trucks are tightly regulated in the # of hours that can be […]

A very interesting city, I think the trip will have given the students a better sense of the effects communism had on Eastern Europe especially economically.  Our first evening was uneventful and dinner one of the best so far. However, we discovered very quickly that service at restaurants in Poland is incredibly slow. People in […]

Our transit to Krakow was long and included one of the most serious. parts of our trip, our visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. We drove nearly 5 hours with 1 snack break, and another snack in the town of Auschwitz before our scheduled visit to the concentration camp. We started our tour at Auschwitz 1, there were […]

The following morning, after a large and rather varied breakfast we headed back to Prague to meet our guide Eva. She was fantastic, as we discussed where she planned to take us I asked the location of a few spots I hoped to take our group to visit. She pointed out to me the new […]

After a bus ride of several hours we reached what may have been the pleasant surprise of the trip…Dresden. Martina walked us to the town square, after a brief break, and gave the travelers some background. She focused on the famous carpet-bombing of the city during WWII. The entire city was leveled, some pictures of […]

What beautiful sights we were shown in Potsdam! Sansouci was originally built as Frederick the Great’s summer palace. He resided there from April to August and he always said it was the place he could escape to and enjoy his own pleasure unhindered by wife or court. Surrounded by his many dogs he entertained throwing […]