Potsdam & Evening Adventures in Berlin

What beautiful sights we were shown in Potsdam! Sansouci was originally built as Frederick the Great’s summer palace. He resided there from April to August and he always said it was the place he could escape to and enjoy his own pleasure unhindered by wife or court. Surrounded by his many dogs he entertained throwing parties, operas and recitals at the palace. The beauty of the palace was amazing. Gilded ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and sumptuous furniture in a whole gamete of colors. Picture taking was tricky, I purchased the pass and a few students snuck shots with their phones, tactics we’ll have to use again in Vienna when we visit Schonnbrun palace.

Our additional bonus was the gardens. All the students loved thier beauty and we had plenty of time to walk around. Matt again provided wonderful background information to the students, explain Frederick’s objectives in building the palace and some of the 18th century difficulties he faced such as piping in the water for his fountains. Only once in his lifetimes were they able to get his fountains to work.

Finally we entered the palace, and how spectacular it was! Each Traveler got an audio tour and set off through the entry hall. The palace is not enormous like Versailles but it is beautiful. Only his library was closed off. It is a baroque palace with high ceilings, certain themes for each room. One of the guest rooms had beautiful paintings from Rome & Venice with some small vases in a Roman motif. Another room had all tropical animals like flamingos and tucans. Both painted in vibrant colors with decorative fire places and chandaliers. After completing the tour we headed back to the bus and set off back to Berlin for dinner.


Dinner did not dazzle most of the ladies. Currywurst and fries were tepidly received, although some guys got extra servings as a result.The group asked me if I would stay behind and we could walk around. With Martina’s help we figured out which Metro lines we needed and set-off for Wittenburg platz. Sadly, most of the stores in Berlin close at 8pm which is just about when we arrived. The Travelers wandered the Platz for an hour and we headed back. That was the adventure. Our first line stopped before our needed station due to construction, so we hopped on another line to take an alternate route. Not a problem, except the train we wanted was cancelled. So, we fell back on plan C finally getting back to the hotel after 11pm, our adventure adding an interesting hour and new experience for all.

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